3) Gratitude Lost and Found

It happens now and then, that you lose something important, the keys, wallet or similar. And you  usually feel gratitude and relieve, if someone finds the lost things and brings them back. Not always although, as a friend experienced when he found someone’s passport and informed this person about it. The owner picked the passport up, with an attitude as if he was taking it for granted and the gesture was not worth any special thankfulness. My friend also did not see it as a special act, but because of this behaviour someone else stood put in a positive way for him. Not too long ago, he found the credit card of someone else and could identify and contact the owner. And this person was overjoyed and thanked him a lot, with chocolate and friendly words, that showed how much he appreciated this little act. And I believe, this is also a part of humanity: gratitude.

For many, the bringing back of lost things is already self-evident. And when my friend told me this story, it made me think that maybe especially nice people can think of less occasions that are outstanding enough to get told here, because they see these humane gestures as natural.

2) Bus tickets for two

“That was super impressive: right now there is a woman in the bus and she thought, because the child is only three years it would not need a ticket. But then the bus driver came and said she needs to buy a ticket for 7 Euro for the child. The woman did not speak German properly and she called someone on the phone und you could hear from the conversation that she could not pay the ticket. And then there was a man, two rows behind her, who gave the driver 10 Euros and said he will pay for the child and he did not even want to have the change back from the woman 🙊🙈.”

Taking the bus is such an everyday experience, that I can imagine this situation very well. And this narration put a little smile on my face. It made me ask myself: does every single Euro always matter to me, when it is needed somewhere else?

(the story itself was shared with me)

01.01.19: 1) Listening in Berlin

At work, I meet every time the most interesting and odd people. Or maybe they are not odd, but you do not meet them usually, because you rarely have to do with so many people in such a short time. But through my work tell me many people short (or longer) stories of their life, that touch me or make me think. One, that stuck to my memory, was from a woman in Berlin.

She told me about her day, when she did not went as every other day to work. On this day, that woman stood in the neighbourhood Marzahn with a sign, which said that she is listening. She gave people the opportunity to come to her and talk to her, to tell her their thoughts, worries, problems or wishes. She did not say anything herself, but stood there so others could come up to hear that she would listen to them.

Usually, at work I tell others things- this time, someone else told me something new and reminded me of something. This woman reminded me, that it is important to listen. Not to give advice, but to actively listen.