Contact and Contributing

Becoming a part of SOH

You want to share a story as well? Please do so!

It can be your own experience, something you saw or what family and friends told you about their actions- as long as it is true. You can send me the story written out in your style, as audio message or any other format. I go through everything people want to share, to look whether it fit and perhaps bring it into the right format. Don’t worry, no original names will get used and you can review the text again before it gets published.

You can also support this project with many other skills or contributions! If you know multiple languages and enjoy translating, you can help those who are translating whenever you can.

Or you want promote the project among people wherever you live, I can only invite you to do so. If you have your own ideas about how to share the project with more people- please go ahead and inform me. I appreciate all kinds of new ideas, whether you want to make podcasts out of it, hold a talk or have any other idea.

Get in contact via E-Mail or facebook to send your concern or questions, if you want to get involved. Other feedback, critique or recommendations? The same, please contact me- communication is what is holding us together.