21) My English Teacher

This is a more historical story from the years of WWII- a friend described it to me and I will try to recite it for you.

The story is about a special case of neighbourly help. Or, to be more precise, the try of neighbourly help.

„After the Second world war, in the by Russia occupied area of Germany there were radikal measurements against former NSDAP party members. Public officials, that entered the party in the third realm to be able to continue working as teachers or civil servants, lost their jobs, were conscripted for hard works or imprisoned. Out of this time stem many stories of espionage and betrayal, even among families, friends, acquaintances and neighbours. But there are also examples of unexpected help and about this is the family I will tell about today.

H. was an English teacher at the local high school and was one of those teachers, who only became a member of the NSDAP to be able to continue teaching. Therefore he was later forced to work in coal mining. He was known, also in later years, as sealed, dotty, and unsociable, not as that kind of person who you would expect a brave, altruistic action from. And still, he did put himself in danger for the sake of his neighbour. Without the existence of an especially familiar or friendly connection, it was not more than correct, but a cool relationship. But still, he tried to help.

H.’s neighbour W. was imprisoned, because of his NSDAP membership that he had to have as civil servant. W. was known as a person, that could never hurt anyone.

Only after H.’s it became know through his estate/legacy, that he has been trying to fight for the freedom of his neighbour W.- without making this known, without being in a friendship with him. Vehement and with an extensive reasoning he argued for W.’s release. And even though he was not successful, solely the fact that he tried was not self-evident in the situation in this time. But a surprisingly selfless action for someone he knew.

Later generations cannot really imagine, under what pressure especially in the years of war and those following stood. Who dared despite the threat of punishment to defend or help another human, is therefore someone special.“