22) Streetdance in Vienna

It is mid-autumn, in the evening around 7pm it is already dark and Vienna is only enlightened by bright lanterns. Thousands of them, just like the people that fill the city centre also during weekdays. We drive a few stations with the underground, then we leave at our station, step on the escalator, go up one floor. There we can see the staircase that leads to the exit of the station. And we see an elderly woman dancing.

The exit area of the underground station is reserved as a space for street musicians. This evening a rapper took the space. But more attention than to him is although paid to a woman of older age in a bright-pink jacket, who is moving careful but with a lot of enthusiasm to the music. While most people just pass by, maybe smile for a moment, she is enjoying the music and dances. For herself and for others. She raises her walking stick and moves it in time with the music, she is approaching a group of younger people who are happy about her and invites them to dance with her.

When do you reach a point in life where you do not care about what others think, but where you are truly yourself? This woman has certainly made many people smile on this evening.