15) Travel stories of Welsh (and French) humanity

While traveling, when you are not in your usual environment, special gestures stand out more. Therefore I can tell you about a few new travel encounters. Encounters of simple helpfulness and empathy. But maybe Welsh people, who’s land I visited, are also especially friendly people.

I arrived in the evening by train at the edge of a small, Welsh village and wanted to take the bus towards the centre. As I went to the bus stop, the bus is closing its doors and slowly starts driving. In my German brain I’m thinking that I came late and missed the bus and I turn in the opposite direction to walk to the village.

A judgement made too early. A moment later, the bus hoots behind me. The bus driver opens the doors and says, that she just wanted to come towards me and my heavy backpack. This incident might have not been anything special for her and she has probably already forgotten about it. But it stayed in my mind as something special.

A day later, after a long day of hiking and another bus journey, I was searching in the evening for an accommodation. I didn’t know before where I would be going in the evening, therefore I hadn’t booked anything and walked in the rain and on the off chance to a bunkhouse hostel. It was a risk- and first I looked like I had lost it, because everything was booked out. But the two Frenchmen that have been renting the bunkhouse invited me immediately into the house and offered me a cup of tea. Then they called with the landlords about me staying at their place (where still several beds were free). The landlords left the decision up to them- and I had spontaneously two very nice and uncomplicated hosts.

Just like this- out of kindness, generosity, humanity- however you want to call it.