34) Passport wanted

„I am at the moment in Nepal and in the past weeks we were hiking in the Himalaya. Always from one shelter to the next, hiking around the Annapurna mountain, the tenth highest mountain in the world. On the third day a friend of mine lost his pouch, with a bunch of money, passport and credit card, because his bag where everything was inside, was broken. As we noticed it, he immediately turned around, was at the police station and searched the hiking trail. We waited in the next village and thought already about how we should continue as a group. We already considered that we would have to cancel the rest of the trip. But when we were about to start an acclimatisation hike on the next day we were stopped by two German girls and a French guy who asked us if we were the group that was searching for the push with all this stuff in it. We had asked and met so many people that we were by now known as the group that was searching the passport. The three had luckily found it and taken with them. They had even refused to give it to any station on the way, since then most likely all the money would have been taken. Apparently, this happened before. And since that was the money for three weeks, we were overly happy that everything was still there. That way we could, after two days of searching and thinking, continue our track.“