56) Kind Remembrance

Like a butterfly sweeping down on a daylily.
So soft its touch and though all encompassing.
So mild its scent but never forgotten.
But glorious its colors to get lost in its unique beauty.
The lily's silent cry for the beast's attention-
Can you hear the flower's charm?
The butterfly's search for indulgence and rest,
Flying skittishly towards the simple beauty. 
Seemingly effortless lands the butterfly.
The flower harbors the small creature.
A moment of security and nurture, 
A kindness found in reciprocal needs.
Both - wings and blossoms - softly shift in the mild winds,
Court each other wordlessly.
A final goodbye – respective journeys continued,
Not without a last inaudible tiding:
When a cool breeze kisses your cheeks,
When a sunbeam warms your back,
Remember the unmarked kindness surrounding you 
For nothing is lost if simple beauty is recalled.