31) Letting go

Sometimes it seems human enough if people act totally normal. In the sense of not doing anything bad. That I see as something positive.

I noticed that when traveling through Georgia. To listen for three hours to the partly tiring questions of the seat mate in the plane was rewarded with an offer for a ride from the airport into town. After a short judgement whether we should trust the honesty of the tow young men, we  were taken half an hour to the next town and to our accommodation. It was not even on the way of our drivers, nevertheless they asked their way through the streets of Georgia to our address and drove us their safe. That was in itself already very kind. Especially happy made us however that they did not ask for anything in return (was is otherwise often the case). Also no questions for the phone number, future contact or any other kind of importunity. 

It could be sad, that this is something special, but for me it was just a positive example.