32) All together

At the beginning of February, the consequences of the regional parliaments elections in Thuringia were responsible for a lot of chaos when a new regional Minister President was elected. Outrage, emotions, political interest… suddenly, the whole population seemed to be awake. This story is not about which party people supported- but about the fact that people stood up for democracy, that they did not accept it or looked away when democracy was violated. Because this gave hope  back to some people, as a friend showed: 

“The past few days have fulfilled me with deep fear and disbelieve. About how history-forgotten and selfish people in powerful positions can be. And what they put up with just to follow their aspirations.

On February 5th my roommate and I were busy distracting ourselves from writing our respective bachelor thesis when we heard the news about the election of the Minister President in Thuringia. Shock was spreading, we had joked a few months ago that the FDP had come out of its insignificance, and now they suddenly presented the new Minister President? Seriously? Not only that with 5% of the votes you don’t show the majority will of the population, no, he had also let the fascists of the AFD lift him into office by a few steps (Here it should be noted that it is legally legitimate to call Höcke a fascist, there was a court judgement). We were speechless.

The first shock ebbed away and we began to research to find out the exact course of events.  There had to be something we could do. We soon realised that we were not alone with our indignation, everywhere people were calling for demonstrations and solidarity with the demos. The demand for immediate resignation spread like wildfire among the people.

Less than an hour after the public announcement of the election results, there was a demonstration at the state parliament in Erfurt, as well as in Jena, Weimar and Gera, and on the same day people in Leipzig, Berlin, Hamburg and other places throughout Germany came together. This feeling of solidarity and support strengthened me and gave me confidence. 

In the following days I followed the latest events with fascination. On the 8th of February I could finally breathe a sigh of relief. The Minister President had resigned, change would come!

I am grateful to all those who objected, who took to the streets, who showed solidarity and showed what democracy is and what humanity means.”