37) Love for dogs

Altruism and helpfulness does not need to be limited to humans, as a story about two dedicated “dog doctors” showed me.

“Near the village Hotovo we met two dog lovers from Germany, who made it their priority to take care of sick and injured abandoned dogs in Bulgaria. After acquiring some piece of land near Hotovo, they build up a camp for dogs. They took care in their own initiative of dogs in need, qualified and with donations and commitment. There are constantly 15-25 dogs in their care. Some have found again or for their first time a new home.”

Not only that I was told several times about this couple of dog lovers and their “estray paradise” (Streuner Paradies)— the narrator of this story was only through the thought motivated to a good deed, out of love for animals and humans: “Your mail today has motivated me, so you brought about a good action in form of a donation.”