47) Study buddies

“Studying is indeed something quite different than being in school, which is why before I started, I did think a lot about it. And when informing yourself and looking around, you do not only hear the good stuff. I read on an online blog, that students have tried to out rival one another or work against each other. Books were hidden in the library, that other students wouldn’t find them, or wrong answers passed down. That shocked me a bit and made me think, because my school time was marked by mutual aid. I think my A-levels I earned to one third thanks to my classmates.

Luckily, the reality showed me a different picture. For example, we need to submit in maths every week a task, which does take a lot of time. But fortunately, everyone in our study-programme-group seems to have this task. No matter which question we need help with, someone knows the answer or knows someone who could help us, which is why at the end everyone in the group does a good work. And that gives me a little bit the feeling of being back in school. Because of that helping each other, when someone does not know further.”