48) Letters to the family

Stories of this kind you can hear more than once, they are an example to me, how family is holding together. This narration is again from someone, who came first as a guest worker to Germany.

“What I have done with the money I earned in Germany? Like I said, my parents were poor and had many children. And I have often sent money home with the mail. I sent a letter and put 10 German Mark, or 20 into it. That was a lot of money in Yugoslavia back then. And it also arrived. And sometimes I gave something to an acquaintance on the way, when I heard that they would go to Yugoslavia for holiday, I would ask if they could take 50 or 100 German Mark with them and give to my parents. When they came from the same town. And that way, one person did something for the other. And when I went myself, I took something with me for the others. You know, I grew up in a very different culture and generation. I always stood behind my parents and siblings, I always gave something and helped, so that the kids could go to school. So simple is that. Also, when I was married, we did it that way. My wife for her family and me for mine. But we always did it equally. Equal amount of money. And with my parents-in-law I got very well along. One is helping, when one can afford it.”