49) (Life)long learning

„Someone recently told me, when I said that he seemed to enjoy learning new things a lot: ‚It’s one of the primary things I like about being alive‘. For me somehow, that is a beautiful thing to hear so I wanted to share it. 

I like to learn new things myself, and hearing the same from someone else, that made me happy. It doesn’t need to be school book learning— but it can be. The best thing is to realise that I have learned something. Whether it is to master for the first time a turn with a snowboard without falling, ordering in a different language without having to switch back to English or being able to connect the maths from school to the statistics course at university… the conversation reminded me of that joy.

And despite all the complains about having so much to do, whether in school or at university, I actually always liked being a student. Complaining about what is not according to plan is part of the everyday life, at least in my socio-cultural environment. But actually I love how many things we are learning.

The other day, I saw a friend starting a fundraiser, because he could not afford the fees for the first semester of studies, for something he is very passionate about. I contributed to the fundraiser. He seemed surprised, possibly because we were not in contact for a long time. But I always had luck that I had the means to study the subjects I was interested in. And because I could afford it, it is great for me to help someone to do the same, to learn. Even more so, because he had asked for the help to fulfil his dream and was happy to receive support from friends.“