62) 80 Cents of too much leek

Recently, my mum and I went for a run in the forest. She had some cash with her, so that we could stop at the supermarket on the way home. Getting a few things before the long weekend. She had a twenty euro note with her, calculating already in the shop whether it would be enough. We did not get many things, but some meat from the butcher. With meat and the inflation right now, twenty euros are gone quickly. At the counter, my mum looked over on the screen, when finally the saleswoman weighed the leek. At the end, it was a bit too much. 20,80 euro. “Now we have a problem, we only have 20 euro with us. Could we put back one leek?” That was a bit complicated, now that everything had been weighed as a bundle. The saleswoman and an idea, but before she could do it, the couple behind us asked, whether they could help out. That would be too kind, said my mum. She asked for the address, said, that we would bring back the money and put it into the mailbox at the next run. Then the man asked, how much was missing — 80 cents. That would be fine without bringing it back, he said and gave the additional money to the saleswoman. No problem, said his wife, they have had that problem themselves recently. Comprehension, because one knows the situation oneself.