63) With kindness once across Denmark

Recently, I did a long hike (partly with some company). Once through Denmark, from Copenhagen to Flensburg, 420km, for a project called Climate Walk. It was very exhausting and painful in many ways. But I keep in mind the many kind people, that I met, that helped me in one way or another, in a friendly manner as if it was no big deal at all. 

The man, who spontaneously jumped in as my AirBnB host, when I could not find accommodation in Roskilde. The bus driver, who stopped and offered me a ride with his empty bus. The women in the city library in Frederiksværk, who gave me some cake on the way, because I could not stay longer and have tea and cake with them. The woman who stayed the one night in the shelter with me, and who was so kind and curious and gentle. The camping ground owner, who let us stay in the common room of his place, to charge our phones and have a break. The woman, who turned around with the car to ask, whether there was anything we need, whether we were okay, because she had learned herself how nice that can be on long hikes. Our hostess in Jelling, who said that we should call her if our day is too hard, and she would pick us up by car. The people, who let us refill our water at their houses. The supermarket staff, who let us use the staff toilet when there was no customer toilet. Our host in Kolding, who made us a French toast for breakfast, as he did for his son, and brought us something from the bakery for the way, when we left again. 

Maybe it was not a big deal for them, did not cost them much, the little things they did to help me (or us). But it made my situation always a lot better in those moments.