67) Free Choice of Seats

The metro in Tbilisi. It is packed. But metros seem to generally be full and not really clean, often that seems to be the common situation. The same today. Many people are standing, all seats are already taken. All of them? No! Three seats are still free. But no one is sitting down, because an open bottle of lemonade and a half-full cup with some green content are standing or rather lying there. Part of the fluid is spread over the plastic seats, and therefore the crowd is avoiding them. Except from one woman, who enters soon after me. She takes out a plastic bag and a tissue. She puts the cup and the bottle into the plastic bag and with the tissue she is cleaning the seats from the green fluid. Then she sits down. She was not responsible for this mess nor for cleaning it, just a normal passenger, but with little effort she did, what everyone (including me) else ignored to do: to make the seats useable again for everyone.